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Martin and his Mother
Play your drum Martin
Come play the didgeridoo
Martin and Knowles make a healing drum
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Maressa and Merlone: A Musical Fairy Tale
The Mother Tree
An award winning film by Shaeri Richards

A Boy, a Shaman, a Drum

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“The Mother Tree” Now

A heartwarming coming of age tale, The Mother Tree weaves the story of 14-year-old Martin. Orphaned and distraught by the loss of his mother, he spends hours sitting under a tree where they used to be together. When the tree gets chopped down, Martin falls apart. Then he meets Knowles, a healer from Africa. Through his friendship with the older man, Martin learns the art of drumming and drum healing. As Martin becomes empowered through his practice, Knowles teaches him to play a rhythm that changes his life forever.

If you're into drumming, healing and a story with heart, you'll love "The Mother Tree." This engaging DVD is delightful entertainment for the whole family.